Tile Roofing

Type of Tile Roof Material– Spanish Tile

Deciding on a roof material to install on your home? You must know that there are lots to choose from. There are the main types of roofing material and the sub-types under each category. For instance, you have the tile roof option, a primary type of roofing material with the Spanish tile as an example of its sub-type.

Choosing Tile Roof for Your Roofing Material

Tiles are man-made materials. They are made from materials that are hard-wearing like ceramic and clay, and at times, even glass. In tile roofing, the most commonly used material is clay. The benefit of this material and the reason why it is commonly used is that it can be treated with a glazing coat that is water resistant.

People are using this roofing material for the past few years. Over this period, people were able to make new and different sizes and shapes out of it. From there, many more sub-types were developed.

The wide range of options you have when it comes to choosing tile roof materials is just one of its benefits. Although this roofing material is more expensive, you know that it is worth when its life expectancy is considered. It doubles the lifespan than other materials. Tiles are also more durable. They can endure a lot of strains as compared to other materials such as shingles which can be knocked off by bad weather and high winds.

All about Spanish Tile Type of Roofing Material

Spanish tile is a term used in describing a wide array of tiles with the traditional Mexican and Spanish designs. This is a popular material that most customers will ask based on style. Also, this type comes with a special feature and this is handmade.

In terms of materials, it can be made from ceramics or clay. This offers homeowners with wider options when it comes to strength and longevity.  With the design, one feature that traditional Mexican and Spanish designs have in common is the explosion of shapes and colors.

Spanish tiles are available in various shades of blue, red and yellow. Among the shapes it is available are geometric patterns that are used in baroque churches in Mexico and Spain. There are also flowers that are feature abstract petals and spread outward.

Spanish tiles are a common type of tile roofing that when installed, they add unique ambience and lively color to homes. Other than as a roofing material, this type is also used for floors and walls installation.

Choosing: Ceramic or Clay Tiles?

This subtype of tile roofs is available in clay and ceramic tiles. Each of which comes with its advantages and disadvantages. As for ceramic tiles, they are easy to install. Also, they are easy to maintain. Clay tiles offer a more rustic appearance and are more durable due to their compact construction. This type of Spanish tiles is the most cost-effective because of the ease and convenience it offers.

Do you think that tile roof is the perfect option for your home roofing installation project? Do you wish to benefit from its longevity of up to 50 years and its durability? Call now!