About Grace Roofing & Sheet Metal

Grace Roofing Enterprise is your choice for premium quality new and repaired roofing services, offered to both businesses and individuals in South Florida.

We provide new and repaired roofing services to commercial and residential clients in the South Florida area, professionally installed to meet all state and local building codes. As part of our sustained commitment to bring quality, affordability and variety to the market, Grace Roofing Enterprise continues to invest heavily in the expansion of our operations to better serve our growing list of satisfied customers. As much as we’re capitalizing on the evidently emerging opportunity, we’re creating a benchmark in the market which serves to maintain the highest standards in quality while striking a balance with affordability.

We offer a wide variety of roofing systems with our roof installations protected by labor warranty, and material warranties exceeding 50 years.

We offer roof maintenance services designed to address roofing problems and prevent costly repairs or replacement cost. A roof is designed to keep water out of your house, but your roof has to endure a lot of punishment from the elements and will not last forever. Sun causes many roofing materials to deteriorate (particularly on the south and west sides that get the most sun exposure), while wind, trees, and ice can cause physical damage. Once damaged, roofs only get worse: curled or missing shingles or other damage to the roof’s surface allows water to get beneath the roof and start damage to the roof from within, not to mention damaging your ceilings and walls. Speak with one of our trained roofing professionals today about maintenance to protect your roof.